Printing South China, Sino-Label, Sino-Pack and PACKINNO 2019

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Printing South China, Sino-Label, Sino-Pack and PACKINNO 2019
4-6 March 2019
Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China

One-stop Trade and Information Platform for Printing, Packaging, Labeling and Packaging Products

Printing South China, Sino-Label, Sino-Pack and PACKINNO create an integrated platform that brings together versatile and emerging printing, packaging, labeling and material solutions that help participants to stay ahead of the curve. Exhibitions, conferences and business matching service are available for the below visitors to identify ideal partners and tap into vast business opportunities:

  • Food Manufacturers
  • Daily Chemical Products Manufacturers
  • Service Providers of Printing and Packaging
  • Logistics Service Providers
  • Beverage/ Dairy/ Wine Manufacturers
  • Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers
  • Courier and e-Commerce enterprises
  • Electronics Manufacturers

You will able to:

5 Zones in Packaging

  • Smart Packaging
  • Food & Liquid Packaging
  • eDelivery & Smart Logistics
  • General Packaging
  • Packaging Materials and Products


7 Themes in Printing

  • Specialty Paper & Packaging Materials
  • Corrugated Zone
  • Green Flexo Printing
  • Smart Post-press and Packaging Processing
  • Green Flexo Technology and Materials
  • RFID Smart Label
  • Digital Label


One platform showing all you require:

Machinery & Equipment

  • Pre-press System
  • Post-press Equipment
  • Corrugated Equipment
  • Flexo Printing Equipment
  • Digital Printing
  • Measurement and Testing Machine
  • Packaging Processing
  • Outer Packaging Machine
  • Container Manufacturing Machine
  • Automated Packaging
  • Logistics System
  • AGV


  • Specialty Paper
  • Label Printing Materials (Self-adhesive/ In-mold/ Smart labels, etc.)
  • Eco-friendly Material
  • Innovative Packaging Material
  • Logistics Packaging Material

Highlighted Exhibitors in 2018



Visitor Enquiries:

(852) 2811 8897

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